Wills and Estate Planning.

What is a Will?

A Will is the legal document that comes into effect on your death and sets out your wishes in regards to your money, property, and possessions. A Will is very personal and can be a sensitive document to prepare, often with considerations you may not yet have thought about.

What if I don't have one?

Where a person does not have a Will or the existing Will is invalid or fails to dispose of all the estate, the Intestacy rules apply. This may have the effect of leaving your estate to people you may not have otherwise chosen.

What is the process?

We know this can be a daunting task at first, so we have outlined the process to help put your mind at ease. However, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have at any stage of the process.


The fees below are examples of the average cost involved with each type of Will. The actual cost may vary depending on your personal circumstances, and a detailed estimate will therefore be provided following the initial consultation.

*The consultation fee will be deducted from the final bill if we are appointed.

One Person

Cost VAT Total
Consultation meeting £95 £19 £114
Simple Will £175 £35 £210
Life Interest Trust (Family Home) £425 £85 £510
Discretionary Will Trust (Family Home) £425 £85 £510
Life Interest Trust & Discretionary Will Trust (Family Home) £595 £119 £714

Two People

Cost VAT Total
Consultation Meeting £95 £19 £114
Couples Mirror Wills £290 £58 £348
Life Interest Trust (Family Home) £650 £130 £780
Discretionary Will Trust (Family Home) £650 £130 £780
Life Interest Trust & Discretionary Will Trust (Family Home) £990 £198 £1,188

Process Timeline

Initial Consultation

A 15-minute telephone conversation will be arranged between yourself and a member of the team to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment, either face to face or via video.

Consultation Meeting

We will confirm the appointment in writing, including a Will Questionnaire for you to complete at home and return to us. During the consultation, we will discuss your circumstances, including family circumstances and assets, and what you hope to achieve, to ensure we can advise you on the most suitable options.

We Will Draft Your Will

We will draft your Will based on the requirements discussed in earlier consultations. We will then send it to you for approval.


Once you are happy with the Will, arrangements will be made for it to be signed and witnessed. The original document will be safely stored, and a copy of the document will be issued to you for your records along with a final invoice.